How to match the stripe style with the most popular black and white stripes how to look good

Striped style is an indispensable season for each style, whether it is striped shirt, striped pants or striped dress, the stripes are so popular today Xiaobian introduce two stripe style, are the classic black and white color , Example of classic black and white stripes women's style, learn together under it.


Cases of women's 2014 spring and summer new models

Classic can not be surpassed, now not only black and white stripes of two colors installed, but black and white will never be outdated colors, this black and white striped sleeveless dress style, simple and personalized, chest decorated with a portrait of a very Hepburn The feeling of special exquisite.

怎么把条纹款式搭配到最流行 黑白条纹怎么搭配就好看

Summer, what fabric style do you like? In addition to summer dresses and chiffon pants, classic black and white jumpsuit style, whether you are a professional white-collar or fashionistas, this black and white striped suit is perfect for you.

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