European charm Purcell Women 2012 spring and summer new gorgeous elegance

European style Purcell Women's 2012 spring and summer new products with noble gorgeous grace, presented to people a dreamy, charming, luxurious and elegant world, shuttle time and space, to the classical era as the background to a touch of sad, sunrise-like happiness and freedom into Ou Mei aesthetic charm and elegance of the soul so that the charm of the European fashion bloom new vitality. With cowboy freedom of expression, with velvet emotional transmission, rich colors, exquisite embroidery, draping flat folds, fine crinkles, elegant gauze, filled with rich palace retro, lace, beads, crystal, applique , To make the details more refined, the process more mature. Fashion is diversified, the European style of Purcell is gorgeous elegance. It focuses on the individuality of publicity in the pursuit of spiritual ownership of the aesthetic atmosphere, revealing the noble and gorgeous nature.


European charm Purcell women's spring and summer 2012 new series

欧魅赛尔女装2012春夏新品 华丽的优雅

European charm Purcell women's spring and summer 2012 new series

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