Ten details to be noted in the construction of the outer chain

[China Glass Network] It is necessary to pay attention to the details of the external chain. Some problems must be thought of and need to be touched. It is a question to solve the details of the problem. To do the external chain is to be tired and technical, this need to provide practical reference to the problems under the problem. The details need to be noted. Some webmasters do not learn, do not pay attention to details, but also the reason for unsuccessful, that is, no Seriously do it, and seriously understand the fun. In fact, seo is a technology, but also a high-level technical life, continuous enrichment can become a master, rookie can become a master. The top ten details of the external chain are provided below for reference.

Front: The external chain must first look at the inclusion of the other website.

Second: the weight of the website needs to be understood, and the weight of the external chain to be transmitted on the website with higher weight is not bad.

Third: use more resource sites, it is better to have high weight and wide information, and the collection is very good. The long-time website is quite good.

Fourth: the outer chain details are too many anchor texts that are not necessary in an article.

Fifth: Do the outer chain Remember not to leave the dark chain, this dark chain is invisible to the naked eye.

Sixth: Do not do too much and flood the outside chain, you must do it reasonably.

Seventh: What the external chain needs is persistence, and it is also a technical activity. For example, Baidu knows that if you want to not delete it, don't leave the homepage link directly to stay inside the page link.

Eighth: Do more text links are not bad, text links are better to do.

Ninth: In the external chain forum, it is easy to be retained in the form of soft text.

Tenth: Don't leave a text link directly barely, so it doesn't work too much and it's easy to be deleted.

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4. Strong moisture absorption and comfortable wearing. The moisture absorption ability of cashmere is the strongest in all fibers. The moisture regain rate is around 15%, and the cashmere sweater's close-fitting clothing can automatically absorb moisture under the changeable conditions of the outside world. It has good perspiration and can adjust the temperature of skin.

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