Romantic spring lingerie care for each woman's beautiful body

Chinese women are populous with little knowledge of what to wear underwear. As a local underwear brand , romantic spring is based on the knowledge of disseminating underwear and enabling Chinese women to wear underwear as their mission. They strive to cultivate the work and service capabilities of their employees. To professional level, and from the product procurement of raw materials, production, marketing, logistics and other aspects of strict control so that sales of products meet the requirements of the market to meet the needs of customers, to provide customers with inexpensive products, and in the terminal Shop to provide customers with consultants, professional underwear shopping guide service, along with the majority of franchisee friends together, so that "romantic spring" brand everywhere in China blossom, so that all Chinese women wear the most suitable for their own body underwear!


"Romantic Spring" underwear chain brand, Guangdong Hongjie International (Hong Kong) Limited, the domestic marketing center in Guangdong Hongjie underwear Industrial Co., Ltd., in early 2005 to create a professional underwear chain brand. Its predecessor is "June Rose" underwear chain. In early 2005 opened the first underwear stores, and invested heavily in 2006 80 million yuan, the full launch of the chain management system, hire well-known Chinese brand planning company, design, planning the most visual beauty of the romantic spring underwear brand store image And scientific underwear chain joined, self-employed in one mode of operation, professional shopping guide, consultative sales to provide customers with professional and thoughtful service to ensure that the quality of goods produced for the main products.

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