I have all the fresh candy-colored Jamie Bears for the new year

Even for parents, children who wear dark clothes are better at cleaning and taking care of themselves, but more and more children with their own aesthetics will still say "no" to parents!

Compared with adults, children who are more sensitive to color, of course, prefer to choose their favorite color.

What color will children like? It stands for bright, warm, vivid, happy, delicate, soft, lively, and innocent colors are the colors they will like. Jamie Bear's children's clothing picks a fresh candy color from it and easily catches the children's eyes.

Delicate and soft rose powder is one of the favorite colors of sweet girls. When wearing rose pink clothes, my entire mood was instantly melted.

As a neutral color, purple has become very popular in recent years. Whether it is a boy or a girl, purple clothes can be worn. The high-saturation bright purple down jacket suitable for boys and the lilac purple down jacket suitable for girls interpret different fashion effects.

High-purity blue represents the vastness of the ocean and sky, and also gives children a wider field of vision. Wear blue down jackets and let the world cheer and cheer for you!

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