Scottish trapeze casual men's young and easy to live HOLD

Flying Scotsman is a well-known casual men's brand in the United States. "Scotland trapeze" "with nature, freedom, self" as the brand concept, from the natural antagonistic inspiration, the pursuit of affinity and concise product style. Product structure to jackets, cotton suits, down jackets, sweaters, shirts, while continuing to expand men's apparel supplies, simple and generous style, without losing the popular element; closely linked to the pulse of international fashion trends. Twill suede shirt, it is suitable for the bleak autumn, unlike ordinary shirts so thin and rigid, very British Fan children can either wear a single, you can also wear a jacket outside, it really wear Oh ~ plaid shirt with a brown jacket , Is a favorite of many business and leisure men with style, it is suitable for casual gathering occasions ~ For decades, through the efforts of generations of brand owners and design masters eclectic creation, "Scottish trapeze" products with its Fashion style, high-quality fabrics and excellent workmanship, long-lasting in the Chinese market. 2012 autumn and winter, "Scotland trapeze" integration of international popular elements, adhering to their own corporate culture based on the concept of innovation, continue to meet more consumer clothing needs!

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