Uncover the secrets of the success of wild wolf cowboy casual wear

Wolf - Taiwan Wolf Wolf Garments Co., Ltd. under the brand! Group is a collection of scientific research, design, production, sales, commerce and services in one of the modern enterprise group. Committed to the public's feelings and product culture perfect combination, and ultimately reach a breakthrough sales results. Over the years has been much loved by consumers, and what are the reasons for its success? Next, and Xiaobian to explore the success tips of the wolf cowboy. Wolf denim Secret one: a clear target, the high turnover rate Fashion Store: Shopping guide Busy to go, the customer try to go, the price talk about the last customer floating away ... ... consumers pocket rich but do not pay , "Shopping" more, "buy" less! There is no popular gas! Cowboy deal the easiest and most happy, the average turnover rate of 5 to 10 times other clothing. Customer goals clear, straight to the topic, simple try on, fast turnover. Coyote denim Secret II: Difficult to "off-season out of season", no "off-season backlog" clothing to play is popular, to also hurry to go in a hurry. Just started to sell their new goods, others began to dumped goods, worked hard to find a pile of inventory stockpile inventory! Cowboy popular cycle long, slow season, there is no obvious off-season sales. Fashion cycle is three to five times the fashion, even if occasionally lack of color break, display sales, change position, wear models, adjust the lighting, do promotions, it may sell well! Coyote denim Secret three: evergreen clothing, fashion is not loose Old cowboy clothing is an evergreen tree, male and female students: In addition to uniforms, the most worn is the cowboy! A family of workers: In addition to work clothes, but also the cowboy! Business Business: In addition to suits, but also cowboy! Home Leisure: In addition to casual wear, or denim! It is conservatively estimated that each young man and woman should buy at least one cowboy quarterly and a small county town of 300,000 people. As long as you occupy a 2,000-person shopping district, you can sell 8,000 cowgirls a year with more than one million sales. "Cowboy store muffled" is denim shop veteran secretly business secret. The wolf cowboy Secret Four: Qi form the situation, the need to change the current denim Sales channels: A, the wholesale market: dirty shopping environment, shabby dressing room, indifferent service attitude, full of counterfeit brand names, cheated commodity prices , Daunting! B, clothing supermarkets or street brand-name trousers: Counterfeit fake brand, size miscellaneous brand, random piling, false high pricing, fake discounts, no brand image, no after-sales service, Field fees, renovation costs, sponsorship fees, storage fees, high rebate, on the one hand artificially let cowboy prices soar, customers prohibitive! On the other hand suppliers because of being deducted layers, everywhere plucking hair, the real profit of the hands of pitiful! The cowboy Jeans Secret Five: simple and convenient, with less effort Compared with other industries: such as the restaurant industry, manufacturing, cosmetics and so on, the cowboy does not require professional skills or advanced training, nor for example, preservation of quality, taste, standard of practice, health Defense, fumes emissions, equipment maintenance, policy risks and other troubles and worries! Relatively integrated clothing industry: such as men's series, women's series, sportswear series, casual wear series, etc., denim does not require too much shop, too high rent, too many clerks, too many goods, too much money, too Deep product expertise, too much clothing with skills! Low investment in cowboy, high profits, low risk, fast cash flow, strong anti-risk ability! Simple and good to get started, do not Yahuo, turnover rate is high, all this is the greatest good news for first-time entrants, the veteran of the shopping malls is even more powerful!

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