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One of the most acclaimed international dress suits in the country, the concept of Western dress was established in Hong Kong in the early 1960s. From a small size dress store, after 40 years of continuous expansion, it has grown into a large foreign service group with its chain of stores all over Hong Kong , Macau and all major cities in China, over a hundred in number, whether tailor-made or ready-made products, to meet the vast number of consumers on the demand for high-quality service to become one of the world-renowned international service. Look forward to the future, continue to introduce the European clothing, accessories and tailoring technology, with sales and marketing operations, in order to provide consumers with the view of the world to look forward to the future "One-stop" suit tailor-made service. The face of the huge market in the Mainland, but also to speed up the concept of pace, and actively expand the sales network and specialty stores to meet the needs of the domestic market, become China's leading foreign service group.

   Tassel Necklace is more and more popular for these years. The tassel for tassel Necklace can made by chain, thread, leather cord and other material. In that case, we can get chain tassel necklace, leather cord tassel necklace and so on. We also make long and short designs of tassel necklace. For long designs, we have chain tassel necklace, bead knots tassel necklace and so on. For short designs, we have suede tassel choker, velvet tassel choker and so on.
More and more people like to wear tassel necklace as it can make you looks more fashion and younger.

Tassel Necklace

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