Shang Ying brand women's deep understanding of fashion connotation and calm interpretation

A fashion brand designed specifically for women, elegant but concise yet luxurious, highlighting the beauty of the details, nature exudes female elegance. Each season a variety of styles and rich colors, so that the pursuit of perfection of urban women in each different occasions, different moments reflect different fashion tastes.


Brand from the romance of classic fashion urban atmosphere, the integration of elegant and refined oriental culture, business and leisure-oriented, closely integrated with the current world fashion trends, with smooth lines and dotted jewelry with models to promote and lead the fashion city white-collar women Healthy lifestyle and dress concept, fully experience the fashion and casual atmosphere of white-collar workers, the value of the product into the atmosphere to feel, so as to enhance the potential value of apparel, and guide new consumer ideas.

尚影品牌女装  对时尚内涵的深度把握和从容演绎

The deep understanding of the connotation of fashion and leisurely deduction, the release of women's personal charisma, promote individual awareness, into the rich emotional and cultural connotation, with dignified, independent, self-confidence and harmony as the design principle, the rich performance of the times, but also reflect the wisdom and Performance of self, thus filling the contemporary femininity personality.

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