6 maintenance principles for anti-autumn home fire

Autumn is high, and the dry climate in autumn has a lot of experience. When people care for their skin, they should also pay attention to maintaining the home around them. In autumn, the air humidity is relatively small, the interior is relatively dry, and the home is easy to get angry, but in fact it is relatively easy to maintain.

Method 1. Avoid direct sunlight.
Although the autumn sun is not as strong as the summer, the long-term sun and the already dry climate, the wood is too dry, prone to cracks and local fading. It is advisable to use curtains to illuminate the sun, and in autumn, the curtains can be selected to keep warm and prepare for the winter.

Method 2, to prevent dust.
The autumn wind is relatively large, and it is easy to bring dust into the house. Generally, the high-grade wood furniture made of mahogany, teak, oak, walnut, etc. is decorated with exquisite carvings. If it can not be cleaned regularly, the crevices in the small gaps will easily affect the appearance, while the dust will make the wooden furniture quick. The killer of "aging".

Method 3, to maintain moisture.
The moisture of wooden furniture can not be provided by moisture, that is to say, it can not be wiped easily with a wet rag. Instead, it should be made of professional furniture care oil, which contains natural orange oil that is easily absorbed by wood fiber and can be locked. The moisture in the wood prevents the wood from cracking and deforming, and at the same time nourishes the wood, and reproduces the brilliance of the wooden furniture from inside to outside, prolonging the service life of the furniture.

Method 4, to avoid scratching hard objects.
Do not allow the cleaning tool to touch the furniture when cleaning. Also pay attention to the usual, do not let hard metal products or other sharp objects collide with the furniture to protect the surface from the appearance of hard marks and hanging silk.

Method 5, avoid moisture.
Although the autumn is relatively dry, moderate moisturizing is necessary, but the furniture should not be placed in a very humid place, so as to prevent the wood from exposing and swelling, the time is long and it is easy to rot, and the drawer can not be opened. Even the furniture is badly damaged.

Method 6, should be maintained regularly. .
Regular maintenance is a must, but not too often, which can damage the furniture. Keep in mind that it is not always possible to buy furniture once and for all. Under normal circumstances, only one wax can be used every quarter, and waxing can be done once in the beginning of autumn. This makes the furniture look shiny and the surface does not collect dust, making it easier to clean.

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