GOELIA Gloria won the 2013 "China's best brand building case" award

[Abstract] Recently, the "21st Century Business Herald" United Tenth China Brand Value Management Forum and the 2013 China Best Brand Building Case authoritative global integrated brand consulting firm hold selection INTERBRAND perfect ending, GOELIA Gloria virtue of "the whole network Marketing Brand New Life - The Road to Internet Marketing Innovation of Traditional Brand Enterprises "won the" Best Brand Construction Case in China "Award in 2013 and became the first women's brand to win this prestigious award in the Chinese women's apparel industry.


Recently, the Tenth China Brand Value Management Forum with the theme of "From Big To Strong from Great Brand to Strong Brand" and the 2013 Best Brand Construction Case Selection in China were the perfect ending of Star River Hotel in Shanghai. GOELIA, a well-known Chinese women's brand with the core of "Discover the Beauty in the World", won the unanimous approval of the judges with the brand-new marketing strategy of " Good brand building case "award, the first Chinese women's brand to win this award Women's brand. China Brand Value Management Forum has so far successfully held ten sessions, the annual best brand building case selection attracted more than 300 global brands to participate. Prior to HSBC, Belle, Mercedes-Benz, Haier and other brands won the award.

In the exchange and selection of China Brand Value Management Forum, the jury focused on commented on the whole network marketing concept proposed by Goliath: adhere to the brand-building-oriented, through the analysis of the competition of the e-commerce brands and the development of the Internet environment, made Innovation decision-making, in 2012 the first to get rid of a single network marketing relying solely on the platform platform to establish a full online communication with consumers across the brand online ecosystem. GOELIA Gilliya to break the traditional shopping path, into a broader network of development system. The use of the Internet to change the transmission efficiency of the advantages of rapid and efficient access to the minds of target consumers, and rapidly enhance brand awareness and brand image, plump brand reputation. For Gillia to create greater value and growth. Make Gallonia become the industry's most valuable brand marketing research topic. The same day, "the systematicness of urban brand planning" shared by Sir Leslie Butterfield, chief global strategy strategist at INTERBRAND, resonated with Gloria's "All-Web Marketing" philosophy.

Nowadays, the communication system has been extended from linear to intertwined networks. The interaction between consumers and brands no longer follows the traditional pattern. The development of digitization and informationization makes it easier for consumers to acquire information and resources. Fragmented social media, but also conducive to the brand comprehensive, three-dimensional interaction with the target customer base to promote the brand. With his keen insight and innovative thinking, Mr. Liu Shichao, the general manager of Gloria E-commerce, pinpoints the target customer base, introduces a brand new brand marketing system and puts forward the concept of "whole network marketing". Under the centralized orientation of GELA brand positioning, the users are closely matched with their interests and preferences, shopping behavior, product usage habits and Internet media habits to determine the target audience and product style, price and brand personality, and accurately describe the brand image. Through a series of full-network interactive integrated marketing such as precision, positioning, three-dimensional media delivery, search engine optimization, high-frequency interaction of social networks, Bazaar online shopping wardrobe project, new product launches, etc., it is fast and efficient in the target audience Spread the brand, win the brand reputation, enhance consumer loyalty. The implementation of the whole network marketing greatly promoted the brand recognition and sales of the Goliath brand in the new generation. The brand building and product sales won a win-win situation. The online sales leapped from 70 million in 2011 to 300 million in 2013. The online sales force in 2013 Super many traditional women's brands, ranking No. 1; online purchase turnover turned 60.38%; 2012 Taobao ranked seventh in women's category, the entity brand for the first 1; 2012 the only one "2012 Ali orange point new fashion - TOP10 trend of the whole network of businesses, "the line under the women's brand. These achievements and awards have proved Gallia's "Network Marketing" success.


(The photo shows Ge Liya, general manager of e-commerce and Internet Marketing Director Liu Shichao)

The successful holding of the 10th China Brand Value Management Forum has become an annual top event in the Chinese brand community. It has also been rated as "World's Top Brand Dialogue Hall" by the industry and has been closely watched by domestic and foreign enterprises and the mainstream media. The special forum of "Leader Roundtable" and the forum of "China City Brand Competitiveness" on the very day brought together people in the industry to discuss the changes in China's brand development and how to build strong brands, putting forward a lot of thinking and enlightenment for the guests present at the forum .

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