Winter fabric sofa cleaning and maintenance tips

Cloth sofas are more and more popular among people, and become one of the most indispensable furniture in modern living room decoration. Only the fabric sofa is made of fabric wrapping, and the maintenance and cleaning of the fabric sofa has become a major problem for the housewives. Xiaobian has collected several fabric sofa maintenance tips that are more commonly used in life. Let's learn together.

Cloth sofa cleaning: using a vacuum cleaner fabric sofa cleaning is a good way to maintain, do not wait until it is dirty before thinking of cleaning. Vacuum treatment is performed once a week. Pay attention to the process of vacuuming, do not use suction brush, because the weaving thread on the fabric may be more fragile. Tips, it is best to use a small vacuum cleaner for processing, it is also possible to use cotton cloth to clean the dust.

Cloth sofa cleaning: the use of cleaning agents to clean the fabric sofa time does not need to be so dense. Clean it once a year with a cleaning agent, but be sure to clean the cleaning agent without leaving traces and dirt. Tips: For the choice of detergent, you can choose a special cleaning agent containing antifouling agent.

Cloth sofa maintenance: choose the sheath sofa. When buying a fabric sofa, try to choose a fabric sofa that can be washed and washed. The jacketed fabric sofa can be removed for cleaning. The elastic case can be used in a washing machine, and a larger cotton or linen jacket can be taken to the laundry. When ironing the sheath, some elastic sheaths are easy to dry and iron-free. Even if ironing is required, the appearance of the sheath should be considered, so the inner side of the ironing sheath is suitable.

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