Xiaoni Bar shoes Wenzhou Oubei shop grand opening

Congratulations Xiaoni it baby shoes shop in Wenzhou Oubei finally opened! Into the store to send Hao Li, spending full delivery of spree! Mom and Dad quickly took advantage of the weekend with baby to Xiaoni bar shop it! Ni bar Children's Products Co., Ltd. to market better children's clothing, children's shoes and other styles, and high-quality after-sales service, as well as rich Xiao Ni brand product variety and have the most elements. We have been with the country's best and best reputation of the brand manufacturers have maintained regional cooperation. Partners are: Mickey, Barbuda, hello & kitty, Barbie, QQ Bear, Cady, Miffy, good child, Baby Pose, Sri Lanka Nana, McDonald's, A Jie Boni, khaki Kau and so on.

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