Ten luxury men's brand in the world

DNR Magazine, the authoritative international reference for the men's and fashion sectors in the world, publishes a male luxury status index from the U.S. Luxury Institute. The Luxury Institute surveyed 1503 audiences around the proposition "Top Men's Fashion Brands," whose annual family income was above $ 150,000. All involved brands are judged from the four indicators of quality, exclusivity, social status and self-improvement. The final survey is a comprehensive assessment of all indicators, which is what we call the Luxury Brand Status Index. In addition to this luxury status index, we can get three more pieces of information from this survey, namely. Perceived value of the price, the degree to which the customer is willing to recommend the brand, and the customer's next shopping preference. At the same time, brand familiarity and brand past sales records can also be reflected in this survey. 1.Brioni 7.79 Brioni is the highest ranked brand on the three indicators of exclusivity, social status and self-improvement. It is also considered a brand that offers the most value for brand pricing. Brioni, on behalf of the Romanesque style has such advocates as Kofi Annan and James Bond, Brioni is the Queen's Queen's brand since Pierce Brosnan's 007. This tidy brand has recently been moving into luxury sportswear and recently opened its first physical store at Saks Fifth Avenue. 2.Armani 7.75 Although Armani is tied with Zegna, it has the highest previous sales record among all finalists. Armani is second in the four indicators of luxury status index. Although American Dancing Man has been using ash, wool crepe and soft material as symbols of masculinity for so many years, Armani's products are still representative of the art world. Last year, Giorgio Armani Group's global sales exceeded 50 billion euros. 3. Ermenegildo Zegna 7.75 Zegna is tied with Armani, but it is number one in delivering superb quality. With the development of the times, the strength of the Zegna brand has been continuously improved, thanks to the advertising industry in the United States, Zegna's innovative store concept and acclaimed New York Z Zegna show. 4.Ferragamo 7.46 And the above three brands, Ferragamo in the index of luxury status index and additional information rating, have been far higher than the average score. Guided by its men's designer Massimiliano Giometti for many years, Ferragamo men's wear has quickly set the standard for creating trendy products with classic look and the look of this style is very clear. 5.Canali 7.41 Canali is also crowned with the title of a crown, that is familiar with the brand rich customers are most willing to introduce it to those who care about themselves. Some retailers say Canali is the best price / performance item in their eyes. Recently, Canali began to promote its brand identity with the sponsorship of athletes and promoted its own brand concept of luxury and accessories. At the same time, the establishment of their American stores is also gradually being carried out. 6.Dolce & Gabbana 7.37 Dolce & Gabbana has scored above average on all indicators of the luxury status index, as well as additional information that brings value to the brand's pricing. At Men.style.com, Dolce & Gabbana's fall / winter catwalks in Milan this year show the highest click-through rate on the show floor. Inspired by Kubrick's 1968 film "Space Odyssey 2001," the series was inspired by the sense of metal. 7.PRADA 7.34 Prada received above average ratings for exclusivity, social status, self-improvement, and price / value ratio. With Patrizio Bertelli's sourcing philosophy in mind, the intellectual and challenging Miuccia Prada range of products represents a reliable, modern, quiet and trendy ready-to-wear representative of the concept. Obviously, it is not just the devil that wears Prada. Tom Ford Tom Ford and Versace tied for the overall points, but its brand is the lowest among the lowest familiar with the survey, the additional information involved, Tom Ford income The results are above average. In April, the designer's first store opened on Madison Avenue, aiming to reset the benchmark for luxury retail. As Tom Ford unveiled his ultra-luxury flagship store and the latest men's collection, the global market received his clues in preparation for Tom Ford's full-scale attack. 9. Versace juxtaposes Tom Ford in aggregate points, but Versace is above average in terms of exclusivity, self-improvement and price / value ratio. In April, the group's Gianni appointed Alexandre Plokhov to head the men's line of men's branding, and they are trying their best to make the Versace men's brand a thrilling sensation as great as their womenswear. 10.BURBERRY BURBERRY in the quality and social status of the two indicators above average. Last year, Burberry in order to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the brand, specifically launched the Icons series, received great acclaim. For this fall, Burberry launched the Burberry Sport, which includes men's and women's wear, to help people perform well and at the same time demeanor.

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