City wardrobe "Foshan Le Feng Bu Lianhua shop" opened the new store

City wardrobe , a simple yet stylish brand, pursued a new kind of minimalism. Based on the integration of oriental traditional culture and the trend of the times, the style is top-notch and the price is reasonable. "Buddha music from Bu Feng Lianhua shop" Today, the new store opened, a good thing again and again, Xiaobian wish: Foshan Le Feng Bu Feng Lian, good performance, high efficiency, booming business.




The pursuit of romance, fashion, Xian Shu, elegant and capable women and design, from nature, reserved, still rhyme and modern aesthetic exquisite inspiration, creating a romantic, stylish, elegant beauty. Products imported high-end fabrics, fresh and beautiful colors, delicate texture soft, in line with the trend of the match for you to bring a bright mood every season.

Blankets & Throws