Knitting knowledge - have you bought fake knitwear? Let me distinguish for you

KNOWLEDGE KNOWLEDGE - A METHOD TO DIFFERENTICE AND FALSE KNITWEAR Knitwear feels soft, comfortable, feels very soft and comfortable, and touching or applying it for a while will make our hands warmer and warmer, not only soft and supple Extremely warm effect! So the camel hair as a consumer to become all the world can not do without it, the happiest winter single product, of course, like today's weather can also go out with a stylish sweater Oh, but there are still some criminals Police manufacturers produce inferior chemical fiber and wool and then take the uniform processing of dyeing, with a fake "camel hair" to the real price of camel hair knit sales, resulting in consumers cheated to buy all fake knitwear. Guangzhou Panyu Abby Libby multi-brand apparel sweater to remind consumers, it is best to buy the product must be required to sell bills, easy to safeguard their rights. Even buy fake goods or can vote to vote, and we are in the purchase of knitwear products to look at and distinguish between true and false knitwear products, to prevent the purchase of fake knitwear. A question: Ask the price. The general market price of camel hair above the wool several times, if the price of knit that the price of knitted wool camel knit price about the same price, it is clear that the concept of the seller is wrong, take the same poor quality sweaters At such a high price, we can not be fooled by what he said, we can tell by ourselves that we know it is not worth the price. Second look: look with your eyes. Good real camel hair fiber, light, hair color apricot yellow, brown red, silver gray, white, etc., you can watch in the sun, the fiber is long, there is light, like a big sister often wash clothes to see that What fabric is good, what fabric is not good, because she knows that some clothes wash knot one by one small pompon ball, bad camel black, coarse hair. False camel hair, if it is pretending to be a waste of wool, the usual hair fiber is very short, thick. Three touch: you can touch to identify. The good-quality camel hair like the one above says it feels soft and elastic and dry. The false camel hair as usual feel and flexibility are poor, and some still have a sense of moist, wash more times will find that there will really be a small pompon ball, but also fade. Four burning: burning. Respectively, take the false camel hair to burn, analyze their differences, camel hair burning after smoking, blistering, like burning a little stinky hair, burning ashes and more, and the formation of light black crisp, A twist on the hand broken. False camel hair is a policeman added a lot of chemical fiber in the processing inside, when burning and real camel hair is not the same, with special atmosphere, search online for a bit about wool and fiber and other things burning results, such as sticky Acrylic fibers have acetic acid, nylon celery flavor, acrid sour sour taste, polyester fragrance. Five wash: wash with a blister. Fake or knitted, respectively, into the water soak or scrub, you will find a sweater faded, you know this is a fake camel hair knit sweater, faded because of the processing of some chemical fiber added. Of course, the latter two methods are not suitable for use when buying knitwear products, usually through the first three questions, look and feel can distinguish between true and false. This article from Guangzhou Panyu Abby Libby multi-brand clothing knitwear information, identify the true and false knit, we wear warm knit Oh! Company Name: Guangzhou Abby Clothing Co., Ltd Contact: Miss Wan 【13580371119】 Tel: Fax: Zip code: 511442 Website: http:// Brand website: / Address: Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, South Village Itabashi Village Xingnan Avenue Lane on the 7th

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