NO.19 spring and summer fashion candy color to lead the trend

Nude color in recent years has become the dominant color of fashion, people do not know that people have begun to bored of these plain colors, pleasant bright candy color, a new season of mainstream colors, pleasant orange, fresh mint green , Beautiful pink, fashion beauty once again become a good heart.

NO.19 2012 spring and summer women's fashion candy color, bring people a pleasant pleasure of the visual.

花园街19号 - NO.19

Beautiful gem blue in the past only appeared in the winter arena, the same summer is also touching, with beautiful red, hit color is also reflected with the master's skill.

NO.19春夏时尚糖果色  引领潮流

Modern bright color of the bar, reflecting OL's light cooked and capable. With the popular briefcase, the workplace is not none other than the white gold.

NO.19春夏时尚糖果色  引领潮流

In the past, red with green, most people are not easy to match, but you have enough skills it is also a good attempt. Beautiful and sexy in the chest skirt is the first choice to participate in the party.

NO.19春夏时尚糖果色  引领潮流

Small floral romantic has always occupied the stage of spring and summer, but this season's print more beautiful and unrestrained, less charming little girl, a lovely girl.

NO.19春夏时尚糖果色  引领潮流

Ocean blue white wave point, adding a lively and young girl's vitality, the same color shorts, still not miss this year's bright color-led fashion.

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