I Do Champs Kiss Jewelry lit "I want I Do" true love moment

China Film Group to spend huge sums to build, movie star Li Bingbing, Honglei collaboration fashion love movie "I Do I Love" Valentine's Day in the country. As the sole jewelry sponsor of the film, I Do, the well-known jewelery brand of Hanson Diamond Agency, not only created the first movie in China that is named after the jewelry brand, but also provided some extravagant and dazzling jewelry to the hero Tang. In particular, the I Do Champs Elysees Kiss has not only won the heroine's true love, but has also become a fan favorite of fans and fans. With the popularity of the film, people are concerned about the single "Shengnv" Tang slightly who will say "Yes, I Do" at the same time, more people are sent to Don slightly by Yang Nianhua that freshman small two I Do Champs Kiss diamond ring attracted. In the context of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Yang Nianhua plain expression: "No matter what kind of life you choose, I will stay with you for life, every day." Champs Kiss one big one small two with the same diamond ring, the same Bright, eye-catching, the same precious valuable, the same true meaning of love: diamond does not matter size, true love does not care about carats. As long as from the heart, an I Do enough to bear in mind the precious love. Yang Nianhua in the I Do shop to choose a big one small two Champs Kiss kiss I Do Champs Kiss series Diamond is known as the new concept of jewelry design leader - French jewelry master Philippe Tournaire team for I Do Carefully built, with a thick French style. He infiltrated the design of I Do into the works with his "rare, cherished" brand philosophy and his own deep perception of love and happiness. I Do Champs Kiss full range of men and women include diamond ring, necklace, earrings, all through the Eiffel Tower as an element throughout whether you have ever been to Paris, witnessed the magnificent charm of the Eiffel Tower, when you have this ring When it is, it will take you to the charming and romantic Paris, exposure to Huadu charming charm. Because of the Kiss of Kiss's design has an inherent element of love, so successful in the drama of the embodiment of Honglei marrying weapon! Finally let Li Bingbing say "I Do" to him! Li Bingbing admitted frankly in an interview with reporters: "I believe it is not only for me, for anyone who says I want, I think it is a very happy and wonderful thing. No matter how the development of this era, love Is an eternal theme, there is nothing to replace love! "Champs Elysees Kiss represents" the love of the Eiffel Tower toppled! Let the "fingertips of romance" share every minute Sweet moment and witness the lover commitment to life! DisplayAd ();

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