Unbounded love at your fingertips - ALL COMES FROM NOTHING 19 autumn and winter series show direct

The theme of this season's ALL COMES FROM NOTHING is "Live Love Woof". Originally Live Love Laugh. This cute phrase from the lyrics is to be serious, love, and laugh loudly. This is also our most sincere effort and expectation for life.

ALL COMES FROM NOTHING 19 autumn and winter series, composed of gentle strawberry cream pink, ageing and stylish yellow-brown, simple black and white. Perhaps due to the addition of a healing dog element, this season's ALL COMES FROM NOTHING looks warm and young and full of energy. At the same time, designers pay more attention to the collocation of styles. There are bright spots in the whole series, whether it is from the color system or from the style, it is fashionable and fashionable. Even if you don't send a cute dog killer, this season's clothing will be listed on the wish list of the buyers and the fashion experts.

After several seasons of persistence, sustainable fashion has become an important factor in the choice of fabrics for ALL COMES FROM NOTHING. ALL COMES FROM NOTHING This season, we continue to work with Sedley, the world's largest producer of regenerated cellulose fibers, to use the new cellulosic fiber brand EcoCosyTM. As a wood source fiber, YoukesiTM fabric is natural soft and safe, and the whole process is harmless to the environment, so it is environmentally friendly from the source. Designer Eva hopes that through the power of design and communication, more brands and consumers will choose to use sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrics to reduce the harm of fashion to the environment, so that small animals and humans have cleaner air, soil and water.

ALL COMES FROM NOTHING X PEIDI Co-branded parent-child and pet Mummy bag

It is worth mentioning that this big show also shows ALL COMES FROM NOTHING and the love company that leads the Chinese pet love business - Petty shares, together to create the "Unbounded Love" star charity joint series, we promise to All the profits of the series are used for the treatment of canine public welfare treatment for autistic children, so that more angel dogs encounter children who graze the stars.

About the brand

ALL COMES FROM NOTHING (ACFN) Founded in New York in 2014 by Eva Xu, Xu Yiwei is dedicated to creating a simple, design-looking wardrobe for women in creative careers. Adhering to the design concept of “from studio to opening exhibition”, ACFN expresses artistic cooperation in a simple and elegant style, simple wearing style, simple and timeless style. In 2015, ACFN stood out from the 1000+ new brand and won the reputation of “new uniform in the art world”.

From 2016 to 2018, ACFN has been on the official schedule of the New York Fashion Week for six consecutive times.

In 2016, in New York, it stood out from the 1000+ new brand and won the reputation of “new uniform in the art world” as the “most influential brand”.

In 2018, he won the "Commercial Potential Award" from Shanghai Fashion Week.

In 2018, ACFN won the runner-up of the INNOBRANDS brand innovation competition.

As of now, ACFN is sold in over 100 stores and boutiques in the US, Europe, Japan and China.

About the designer

Xu Yiwei EVA XU

Born and raised in China, Xu Yiwei graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University and studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He studied under the contemporary art master Nick Cave and graduated with honors from the MFA fellowship. .

Xu Yiwei's work experience in New York includes the famous fashion brands Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren, and is a member of the Ralph Lauren POLO women's core team. In 2014, Xu Yiwei founded the independent designer brand ALL COMES FROM NOTHING for the original intention of designing clothes for women in creative careers.

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