Cardo Spring 2015 Fashion Trend: Print Series

People often compare women to flowers, beautiful, brilliant, fragrant, flowers are beautiful, women have style. In the spring/summer of 2015, Kasuo Castle women's clothing thoroughly implemented the concept of “woman is like flowers” ​​and created a feast of flowers. In the spring/summer 2015 new blockbusters, with a background of flowers and a dress that best embodies women's style, we can present us with beauty. Empress's fashion art pieces form an elegant, romantic, sexy and charming woman.


In the summer, the vibrant lemon yellow is always the concern of the fashion industry. Cascade castle2015 spring and summer lemon yellow lace dress, to create a delightful fresh feeling! Lace fabric, the length of the mop, all reveal the elegant and charming style, waist tied with the same color of the bow, add feminine! Come down the summer and be a graceful woman to jump!


Little black dress, although classic, is worn in spring and summer, it's hard to avoid being a bit boring. The designer of Cascade Castle ingeniously makes small black skirts equally attractive in spring and summer! Hollowing out the design will create a looming feminine taste without any fuss. The small area of ​​flower decoration, so that little black dress suddenly has a breath of spring and summer, but also carved out exquisite feminine!


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