G-Star RAW 2015 Spring/Summer Collection Shoes

In the Spring/Summer 2015 collection, G-Star RAW shoes incorporate brand DNA into the shoe design, revealing a new classic style. Inspired by traditional craftsmanship, this collection of shoes combines contrasting materials to create unique features.

This season, a range of lightweight heel shoes stand out from the crowds, blending unexpected fabrics, new camouflage print fabrics and new tannin fabrics. The novel contours and perforation design details are the focus of the overall collection, running through the many shoes of the season. 2015 G-Star RAW will feature the women's collection, and the corresponding shoes will also focus on the classic style to highlight the elegance of women.


This must-have collection of urban styles, the RAW Correct series of shoes follow the classic shoe style through the use of novel colors and the matching of different materials. G-Star RAW's main push series, Eton Derby, uses camouflage printed fabrics for the upper and thicker striped fabrics, which perfectly matches the theme of this summer, and also complements the G-Star 15 year jacket style. One of the best-selling models, the Augur II, is the first to use high-quality perforated leather, and the perforated detailing adds an elegant temperament to everyday wear.

Among the ladies' shoes, the improved traditional leather stitching details, or the toe with a thick stripe fabric on the sewn sole, these details will continue the elegant chapters of Derby Cap Drill and V Embro.

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