MM tall little guy with short high how to wear was significantly higher

For the petite girls, the height estimate is their life-long flawed, congenitally deficient, but acquired the make up, so everyone's focus on "how to make myself look higher" above. Moreover, what Chinese New Year party, but also secretly competing time, can not "inferior"! So, what kind of match can make your body look more tall? Take a look at still show women recommended it.


The use of short skirts to make their appearance looks more tall is the first choice for many small MM. A classic, wild black short umbrella skirt, with a white knit turtleneck shirt and an irregular cut short section of the jacket it, you will be able to look a lot higher proportion of your body. There is also the most important step is to choose a pair of high heels to match, or even look good on the wear will fall apart Oh.

小个子MM的显高搭配 矮个子怎么穿才显高

Do not think long coat is a tall sister paper patent, in fact, a small man can dress very nice. Just like this classic cloak with a slightly cloak, double-breasted design and embellished with a little extravagant gold button, in sharp contrast to the overall gray, , A good modification of the beauty of the neck lines, and knee-high boots choice, instantly stretched your lower body ratio.

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