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When the spring climb your clothes, the passion of the spring into the baby's happy kingdom! Childhood is a colorful dream, Mini Peace grasp the trend of children's wear design, bright colors and environmentally friendly fabrics together to create a happy and playful childhood! All the appropriate elements of the Spring Day to explore the baby's exploration of the world, to create a special memory of the childlike! Mini Peace touches the touch of fashion in the "spring", elaborate the trend of the new season, activate the cute personality of the little ones. Symbolic vitality of the spring, inseparable from the vitality of nature revive the thriving vitality! Simple printing, sophisticated version of the type, creating a healthy baby belongs to the dynamic spring! Simple but yet stylish, wearing Waipai can perfectly present the fashion sense of the baby, a simple pattern and fashion design collide with a new spark, so that the new sense of the new interpretation of the trend of the season, the baby's childhood into the color! Address: 2202B, 2nd Floor, Wanda Plaza, Aojiang Town, Pingyang County, Wenzhou Tel:

Pu Sole

PU sole features: it looks smooth, the sole is very light, and the material is also environmentally friendly PU sole is characterized by the lightest and most wear-resistant, and the holes on the back of the sole are round. Of course, the price is also the most expensive. However, it should not be stained with water, which will cause chemical reaction and layer upon layer corrosion. It is also easy to break and turn yellow

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