Chinese style, Chinese brand apparel brand which has Shenghua mind flagship store or men and women have it?

As the market continues to open, the apparel market is gradually internationalized. Constant integration of fashion and culture of various countries, making clothing more similar styles. For the domestic market, brand designers just combine the elements of fashion with Chinese consumers' aesthetics. For the original Chinese style is gradually reduced, do not know what other groups still love the strong Chinese style? Flower Sheng mind brand is a full Chinese style clothing brand, costumes in the plate buckle pure hand-processing, unknowingly practiced into a "strong Diamond Finger." By their hand-made plate buckle, full of positive energy, the rough pseudo-plate buckle can not be compared. This neutral collar represents rigorous, dignified and status, is a top priority of clothes, but also an indispensable element of a Chinese-style clothing. Flower Sheng Kee cut tailored rigorously, sincerity neckline straight symmetry, the complete closure by the buckle slowly expand slowly, the curve is smooth. In the market, we can see some great differences between the two sides of the collar, or overlapping, crooked, so elegant, feeling of God, worn on the body will also be very uncomfortable. The flower-style design in the Tang version of the design, cutting completely adhere to the "traditional" design, even if it will increase the fabric clothing. As long as the more OK models, flowers Sheng mind will not care about these small details. Almost all the businesses in China that are Chinese-minded are protecting and passing on traditional Chinese culture and handicrafts. Huasheng mind handmade discounts workers up to five figures. We are convinced that only when young people make money from traditional handicrafts will they be willing to join the business. And this is the real protection and heritage of traditional crafts and culture. If you also like the taste of this Chinese style, may wish to walk into the purchase of flowers Sheng Kee, in its official website and flagship store can buy the latest Chinese clothing.

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