Dai Qi 2015 new summer ladies swimsuit recommended

For the hot summer, like MM holiday vacation travel, the beach is their most popular holiday destination. In the seaside, whether it is the goddess of good figure, or micro-fat sector mushroom cool speaking, the swimsuit is essential. Xiaobian today recommended two Dai Dai 2015 new summer ladies swimwear, take a look at it!


If you are relatively conservative, or on their own body less confident girls, you can choose this figure hanging neck halter swimsuit, the horizontal stripes of the style, with stylish colors and vest version Type of design, not only to help you hide your waist meat, but also for conservative women will not be too exposed, coupled with cascading cake half skirts, fashion was thin!


Good figure at the beach will be exposed, for women like sexy, this Leopard Bra style swimsuit is very good, exposed umbilical style, and rich layers of lotus embellishment, with sexy black lace , Not only to make the chest look more plump, but also exudes a unique female sexy charm, very nice!


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