Offside juvenile equipment, create business opportunities, achievements partners

The juvenile community is a new force in the future social construction. Therefore, as far as the education for juveniles is concerned, both the community and the family have invested a great deal of manpower and resources in their efforts to train their juvenile friends into useful people for the future society. As China enters an aging society, changes in family structure will allow more resources to be invested in older children's education. The law of social economic development, so that the growth of large groups of children reached an unprecedented degree of superiority. The huge commercial development in the big kids market has added another commercial project to the market that will make for more investors. "OFFSIDE offside" as a Chinese clothing brand juvenile clothing as the first brand, after more than eight years of brand history, the brand already has sufficient brand development conditions, so as to achieve more partners in the new economic development period The beauty of growth. As the times continue to move forward, the middle-income group in China will gradually dominate the total population of the community. Precisely because of this, the idea of ​​living a thrifty family will gradually lead the trend of social consumption. To this end, the brand for the market developed a high-end quality, mid-range price of market development strategy, and strive to use cost-effective products installed jujube market to meet market demand. In the new period of economic development, the apparel market is facing fierce competition from various apparel brands all over the world. The international competitive situation has made the optimal allocation of international resources an inevitable demand for the development of the times. In order to enhance the competitiveness of the brand in the market, the brand will push the R & D process of the product of juvenile to the internationalization. In addition to the formation of the company's first domestic youth wear professional R & D team, but also in Seoul, South Korea and Milan, Italy has an international fashion design studio, through the keen grasp of the international fashion trend, coupled with the actual Chinese children's groups Understand, the brand efforts to provide the majority of young friends to lead the market trend of high-quality children's clothing. Such a good product price positioning mid-range, truly high-end brand of this brand, mid-range price of marketing strategy. "OFFSIDE offside" Children's clothing to create the Chinese children's wear market after more than eight years of development, is still a vast blue ocean market opportunities. The total number of large children groups in China has now reached 380 million. As the total population of China increases further, the total number of large children groups will further increase. "OffSIDE offside" Teenager as a leading brand in China's juvenile wear industry, will be promising in China's juvenile market.

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