Mosaic jade jewelry is more popular

Looking around, nowadays, the price of jade pendants sold in jewelry stores is tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. In the past, most consumers purchased jade as an ornament for everyday wear, and only a few people traded jade for investment purposes. In today's economic society, people's investment goals and values ​​have changed. The purchase of jade as a collection and investment behavior is not a minority, which has become one of the main factors for the continued rise in jade prices.

“In the past, the style of jade was relatively simple, and only the middle-aged and old people were interested. In recent years, the fashion elements have been increasing, especially the popularity of inlaid jade jewelry, attracting more and more young consumers’ eyes. My purchase is to find out. It is suitable for the jade jewelry purchased by the consumer groups after 80s and 90s." A Shanxi jade merchant told reporters that this time the wholesale is a few thousand dollars, although the economic strength of young consumers is not strong, but they are very Pay attention to this strong consumer group with strong development momentum.

The industry believes that it is precisely because of the strength of professional jade investment collectors and the emergence of young consumers of working-class people that the current price of jadeite has steadily increased, and jade merchants are more confident in jade sales and also maintain the jade consumer market. A healthy and stable development.

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