How does the partition wall ensure the quality of the glass partition?

[China Glass Net] We have introduced our advantages before partitioning aluminum profiles. The glass partition panel is what we want to share with you today. Through technical analysis and demonstration of practice and expert experience, we have always believed that three aspects will play a decisive role in the quality of glass partition products.

1, good equipment status:

Good equipment condition is very important to the stability of tempered glass quality. Unlike hot processing equipment, cold processing equipment, unstable equipment status will not only lead to high failure rate, affect production efficiency, but more importantly, it will affect product quality.

2. Refined process operation:

If the glass partition selected by customer service is 8mm transparent tempered glass, we have specified the basic process parameters such as heating time, temperature, wind pressure and gas balance, but due to different operator experience, different placement of glass, etc. The quality of the tempered glass, such as the flatness, may sometimes vary greatly. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a refined process operation.

3. Strict process execution discipline:

Good partition wall - Sigma has strict requirements for all employees in the production workshop. It must participate in process training and examinations, master the equipment structure and process operation principle of the tempering furnace, strengthen the quality awareness, and ensure the temperature and uniformity of the glass. Secondly, to emphasize the execution of process discipline, the process operators are assessed. The process engineers are responsible for inspection and guidance every day. The process, operation and quality problems are reviewed weekly, and the performers are rewarded every month. For operators who do not perform well, they can be downgraded or adjusted. Ensure the quality and continuous stability of the glass partition products through equipment, process and operation. The higher quality levels that the product can achieve are designed, just like the glass partitions, and our good partitions combine equipment and craftsmanship to give them a higher level of quality.

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